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Cookbook Confession

I love reading and collecting cookbooks, but lately I have not been in the mood to cook.  Now before you think, “That is a great way to lose weight.”  Notice, I did not say I was not in the mood to eat, just not cook.    Thus, when I saw Susan Murray’s Our Family Table:  Recipes & Lessons from a Life Abroad at Addison Farms Vineyard’s A Handcrafted Christmas event this past weekend, I decided it was time for culinary inspiration.  Susan and her husband, James, are the charming innkeepers of Carolina Bed and Breakfast in the historic Montford neighborhood of Asheville.  We have partnered with them on a Sandy Mush Fall Farms and Artisans Tour the past couple of years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and hearing stories of their travel adventures.  If you were at Addison Farms this past weekend, then you were treated to some of Susan’s delectable specialties.  Lucky you!


While on that topic, thanks to everyone who came out to Addison Farms Vineyard this past weekend and supported our farmland conservation efforts in Sandy Mush.  We raised $500, and Jeff and Dianne Frisbee, owners of Addison Farms Vineyard generously matched that $500 for a total donation of $1000 to Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy to support the continued conservation efforts in Sandy Mush.

Back to culinary inspiration, I have thumbed through recipes, invited friends over to dinner and now heading to the market to gather ingredients.  Soon to be out of my culinary rut, or so my friends and Glenn hope!  A few bites I am considering to whet the appetite…Bourbon Grape Truffles…Proscuitto-Wrapped Asparagus….

Wishing you all inspiration,


Visit to Addison Farms Vineyard in Sandy Mush

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We are very excited that Jeff and Diane Frisbee have officially opened  Addison Farms Vineyard in Sandy Mush.  We dropped by for a tasting and tour today, and we took home a bottle of their Smokehouse Red to enjoy with dinner.  It was a subtle blend with a hint of pepper that went very well with our pork.  We are looking forward to learning more about their process and sampling their varieties.  This is a family affair, with both Jeff and Diane’s families pitching in to help; a true family farm venture!

Our ASAP Farm Tour Weekend and Dinner

We enjoyed the sunset from the porch as we relaxed with a bottle of Addison Farms Smoke House Red that complemented our pork chops from Hominy Valley Farms Land and Cattle that we marinated with Smoking J’s Fiery Fatalii BBQ Sauce.  These were just three of the farms that we toured on ASAP’s farm tour weekend.  Hominy Valley Farms Land and Cattle and Smoking J’s Fiery Foods are located in Candler, and they are both at the Asheville Tailgate markets on Saturdays (S. Charlotte St.).  Addison Farms  Vineyards is in Sandy Mush.  Yeah, we have our very own winery in Sandy Mush!