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Bee Branch Farm Featured in WNC Magazine

Yes, we have honey!  We are excited that WNC magazine chose to feature Bee Branch Farm’s Sandy Mush honey in their July/August 2017 issue.

We love our honey customers, and we are looking forward to meeting new honey customers.  Currently, we are not able to mail our honey.  However, you may arrange a time to visit the farm, or we also deliver to a North Asheville location on a regular basis.

Our first spring honey harvest sold out in two days!  But we are currently harvesting summer honey and will continue through sourwood bloom.

If you do not receive Bee Branch Farm emails about honey, please get on our honey list.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


First Honey Harvest of the Season

Glenn harvested the first honey of the season Saturday, May 20th.  We have it bottled and ready to go!  Get in touch if you want our wonderful Sandy Mush honey; our bees are healthy and happy in our beautiful Sandy Mush valley where they have plenty of forage to enjoy.

683-1683 or beebranchfarm@gmail.com

Our Honey is ready!

Our honey bees survived the winter and are strong.  They are happy making honey!  One hive that was weak going into the winter didn’t make it, but the other three are strong, and Glenn started another hive with some of those bees and a new queen.  We will let them store all of their honey so they can build up reserves and go into the winter strong.

The other three hives, however, are strong and making plenty of delicious and nutritious honey.  If you want our pure and natural Bee Branch Farm Honey, get in touch.  This first honey of the season is a poplar/blackberry blend and it is light and very sweet.  The 8oz honey gift jars are $6 each.  You can see a photo of the gift jars on our honey page.  Everyone loves a gift of honey.

See below to learn more about our WNC nectar flow season:  Typical Flowering Season for Nectar Flow.

I find it fascinating to observe the honey bees, and this year they were very interested in our young asparagus.  The asparagus bed was its own little microcosm.  Here is a great description from a fellow beekeeper in Arkansas.


The pedigree of honey Does not concern the bee….

A clover, any time, to him Is aristocracy. So observed the keen Ms. Emily Dickinson.

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We had our best honey year yet on Bee Branch Farm. Even with two swarms spiraling away this spring, we were able to make an additional hive by splitting two hives. Thus, we still have the three hives that made it through last winter, and now have an additional one to head into this winter. We were able to collect three honey harvests this year. The June honey was a light and sweet clover and poplar, the July honey was a golden toned wildflower with a hint of citrus, and the August honey was the lovely and oh so tasty sourwood and clover. We just finished labeling the final sourwood/clover honey gift jars and have a few available if you want honey for yourself or to give the sweetest gift one can receive. If you aren’t already on our honey “to notify” list and you want to be, let me know. Our honey sells out very quickly. 

With much gratitude to our hard-working bees and our honey-loving customers,


Nanny’s Biscuits with Honey


I loved my grandmother’s (Nanny) biscuits.  To me, none have ever compared.  Nanny didn’t use a recipe of course, but perfected them from years of practice.  She made biscuits so often that she actually kept flour in her large biscuit bowl and only had to add other ingredients to the center flour well.  She made them with her hands and never a rolling pin.  As a child, I loved sitting on the counter and watching and helping, one of my favorite childhood memories.

[The following recipe will get you started making Nanny’s biscuits.  Practice will improve your biscuits over time.  ]

Nanny’s Biscuit Recipe

Nanny always used White Lily Self-Rising Flour.  It makes a difference.

1.)    Purchase White Lily Self-Rising Flour and use the recipe on the bag.  Nanny didn’t use a recipe and made them most everyday of her adult life so she had refined her biscuit making, but I am a novice so the recipe is a good place to start.  Make sure you sift the flour.

2.)    I used Smart Balance Vegetable Shortening

3.)    Nanny didn’t roll out her biscuits, but instead pulled off a small amount of dough and lightly rolled it into a ball in her hands and then placed in the pan and lightly pressed the biscuit with a couple of fingers to flatten.  (Make sure you flour your hands before rolling and pressing and lightly flour the dough)

4.)    I baked on 500 convection bake 6-8 minutes.

5.)    Slice, butter and pour on the honey!


Honey has sold out!

Our honey has sold out!  Thanks to all our farm families and honey patrons for supporting us.  We can now reinvest the proceeds in honey harvest tools that are much needed.

We hope you all enjoy our first honey harvest.

With gratitude,

Terri and Glenn

Honey Harvest

Our first official honey harvest!  We are thrilled to have enough our first year to bottle a limited sampling of our honey.  Since Glenn put the supers on the last of June and took them off early August, it seems that the bees mostly collected Sourwood honey.  Whatever you want to call it…it is pure yumminess!  We have a limited production of this honey so our farm families will get first choice, and then we will sell to others.  If you want to get on our honey alert email list, please email us at beebranchfarm@gmail.com and ask to be notified of future honey availability.

The first honey is the sweetest…

Glenn collected our first frame of wildflower honey last week and it is divine, so divine that most of it didn’t make it to a jar.  It is the sweet essence of flowers and summer.