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Introducing our new hens

We purchased these five hens from a couple in Mars Hill.  We now have 2 Golden Comets and 3 Australorp.  The Comets are laying and scratching and pecking the others; the Australorp, however, are being more reserved.  I may need to give them a little encouragement or Glenn may decide that we will be having roasted chicken soon.  I think I have persuaded him that they may need a period of readjustment after their travel to their new home.  

The half-cocked chicken hunt…

We are still on the hunt for chickens, or I should more specifically say laying hens, pullets or chicks who have been sexed.  I was all excited with a good lead today, and off I went.  Half-cocked, I will add.  As I was chatting with the farmer in his barn and admiring his guinea fowl, his wife opened the hen-house, and we were rushed by about 30 hungry, cackling hens.  I wish I had captured video for your amusement.  Admittedly, I don’t know much about chickens, but as I started processing parts of our conversation I began to question his repeated use of game-birds.  Maybe this term is used loosely to cover a range of birds of mixed breeds. I am not sure, but we decided that since we are in this for the eggs and don’t want birds that are too feisty we will continue our hunt for a breed that is more of a known factor.  We are now on the hunt for Plymouth Rocks, Austrolorps, and maybe Golden Comets.