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Hike on Everett Farm in Big Sandy Mush

We enjoyed a beautiful Sunday hike in September on the Everett farm, which was known as The McCracken Place when I was growing up.  It was fun to hear the history and stories that Dave shared of this place and the families who had called it home.  This historic farm has been lovingly restored by Dave and Kim with a lot of hard work and passion.  That is something that all farmers must certainly have, a passion for farming and a strong work ethic.  It is wonderful to live in a community where so many have that love and commitment.

We are fortunate that Dave and Kim bought this farm from Henry and Lula, and have dedicated their energy to tending to it and have also made the larger commitment to our community by preserving this farm with a conservation easement.  I know so many value and gain pleasure from seeing this farm each day as they enter and leave our valley, and I know Henry would be pleased to see how well his family’s farm is being tended.  Thank you Dave and Kim!

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Sandy Mush Hike on Sugar Creek

Our May 3rd hike was gorgeous with the spring flowers blooming and the cool green hues of the forest beckoning us to continue until our ascent on the stunning rock outcrop overlooking much of Big Sandy Mush, where we enjoyed our picnic, the view and the discovery of our native columbine.  A huge thanks to Kevin and Linda for hosting this hike and to Kevin for leading our hike and for his trail.  It is always fun to go exploring in the woods. Enjoy a glimpse of our hike.

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Snow Day In Big Sandy Mush