The probable reason bees bite homo sapiens even though they die immediately

First, bees do not ‘bite’ because, there are no mandibles to bite with, instead, the possession of stinging mouth parts aids them with injecting venom in their enemy’s body. Bees sting anything and anyone that intrudes their privacy, including humans which are scientifically named ‘homo sapiens’, squirrels, monkeys, rabbits or whatever.

The bee caste consists of a

The bee caste consists of a queen, workers and drones, while the queen is a single reproductive female in the hive, she can sting, drones are fertile male who do not sting, then workers are infertile females who protect the hive by stinging intruders. However, something tragic happens to these warriors who protect their other mates, this is it, after fighting off an enemy, they die. The reason is because that particular body part used in stinging has barbs which remain in an enemy’s flesh even after stinging has been done. When bees try to pull out of the flesh, they strain their abdomens and it ends up being ripped, which results to death of the fighting worker bee. If the queen stings a person or animal, she survives because there are no barbs on her stingers, this makes it easy to pull out after pricking an intruder.

The probable reason bees bite homo sapiens even though they die immediately

But, why do bees still sting even if sacrificing life is the deal? Further, are possible reasons: Apart from the fact that it is natural for bees to die after a sting, let’s take a look at this from another angle. Protecting their colony means making sure every colony member is safe from external attacks. This includes drones and queens who help in reproduction, by this, passing on the traits of that bee generation to next set of off-springs.

Probably understanding that fact, even if it means laying their life down for the continuity of the lineage, worker bees protect other members just like passionate soldiers would die for their country. As long as the cost of losing a member is less than the cost of birthing a new member, worker bees don’t mind dying. Let’s take a scenario where an intruder goes to attack a wild beehive, obviously to get honey. Note that the chaos that’s going to happen in the colony if s/he succeeds is greater than what it takes to replace one worker bee. That’s a simple summary of the probable reason why bees don’t stop biting homo sapiens even though they die. Do well to stay away from bees’ troubles!