How Bees Make Honey and Survive

Bee keeping is a sector that has existed for a while, people keep bees for the honey, wax and other products that they produce. For a colony to survive, favorable conditions should be provided. Bees are divided to groups where every single bee has its function, the queen keeps the colony together. Queen lays eggs to facilitate continuation of the colony, she lays many eggs in a single day. Drones fertilize the queen, they do not function in any other way. The drones big to fight for a chance to mate with the queen and survive in the colony. Worker bees collect nectar, pollen and water to make sure colony has enough supply of food.

Workers clean hive, protect it and

Workers clean hive, protect it and make sure all things that need to be done are completed. All the bees do as required to sustain themselves for long, the queen glues them together. Leader who lays eggs produces substances that prevent other female bees from laying eggs, this makes her to be the only active female bee. She has a life span of up to three years, after this time, starts to lose control. Other bees take charge, leave hive to look for a new female leader among laid eggs. Swarming happens where bees look for a new place to live with new leader.

Honey making involves a process which

Honey making involves a process which is simple, but wonderful as bees prepare themselves through producing honey for seasons that are hard to find food. Pollen, nectar are collected during flowering season, the flowers have plenty of these. Water is also collected since it is needed in honey making process. More of the substances are needed since bees require to be feed, their number is huge. After the hustle of collecting them is done, bees return to the hive so that he process can start. Bees pass the nectar from one bee to another till the time honey is produced, work required is so much but the bees work wonders.

How Bees Make Honey and Survive

After the process is done, honey is stored in a special place called honeycomb which is sealed to keep it for longer time. Taste of honey depend on the type of flower where the bees got their nectar, color also depends on this factor. Some honey can be sweeter compared to another since flowers produce different substances. Hives should be free of parasites which limit the expansion of the bees. Diseases harm bees, leading to death, hives should be sprayed with chemicals to lower chances of parasites, diseases from existing.

Noise is a distraction that bees hate, in places where there is noise pollution swarming happens. Carrying out the work to sustain all bees require peace and quite that cannot be achieved in noisy places. Bees encounter problems with predators like bears, taking honey from hives to feed themselves is a thing they like. They maybe injured in the process of acquiring honey, reducing the number of bees and interrupting honey making. Keeping predators away from the hive maybe difficult but placing them above the ground can help. Not many predators can reach high places like on top of tree or buildings.

Keeping bees require skills that will ensure the safety and continuity of the bees. Specials knowledge is needed to make sure during harvesting of honey the bees do not attack you. A smoker is needed to put the bees to sleep during entire journey of harvesting honey. Beekeepers say being stung more often reduces the pain since body learns to cope with venom from stings. Preparation for entire journey of handling bees is required, not all individuals can make it since work done needs dedication and patience before getting results.

Taking honey from the hives does not affect bees, their work is producing honey. Some of it should be left in the hive during harvesting to make sure they have something to feed on. Bees require honey in large quantities in cold season, flowering is not common in the season. Collecting nectar, pollen is a problem for them, food will be not be enough to feed every single bee. Bees are important as they provide honey to people which is used for different thing like food, businesses and others. Wax produced is used to make candles, its a cheap way to get things. Care should be provided to the bees for the benefits they offer to people