Dangers of urban beekeeping

Beekeeping is one fine hobby until it is done in urban areas, and all its disadvantages start outlining themselves. The business which may be a hobby as well requires a quiet place to thrive as this would enable the bees to settle comfortably in your area without trying to migrate. Bees are not very peaceful beings because they use their defence mechanism even when not totally in a necessary situation. A developed area is bound to have various people either passing by or there is a marketplace close by, there will be noise around and this attracts the bee’s attention. The noise might make the area inhabitable for your bees and since they have a home there, they will be moving in their swarm anytime disturbing and threatening people. In a crowded place, there is always one person who may try to make them go away, and this can lead to many individuals being stung by your bees.

Any area that is growing incredibly

Any area that is growing incredibly well attracts various people from all over to stay there as everyone likes development. If this is the case and many families move close by then there must be children around or even schools that are opened within the area. Children are very curious beings and you can be sure that when they see a hive they will definitely go to touch it, and want to see what is in there. Some might even think they can find honey there, the small creatures in there army might attack them, scientists say that some times it can be fatal. Imagine the agony and anger of a parent who thinks you could have put your hive back in the rural areas and let neighbours be safe. If you are not careful, you might end up in court trying to defend yourself from various things.

Dangers of urban beekeeping

Another thing that these precious like to do that is dangerous and may even get you in trouble is their movement, a few meters higher from where you will put the hive. Every farmer has noticed this weird behavior from the bees, usually it is believed that they are trying to understand the environment and look for better pastures. This behavior once caused a scenario as they decided to make their home on a wooden post that holds electrical wires. When they stay there for long they start to bite and sting the wires until it is totally cut, and this of course, does not affect the bees in any way. A small exposure of the electrical wires can be extremely dangerous especially with the change in seasons and weather. You may be risking the life of people around because on a rainy day, a person who will pass beneath that wire might be electrocuted.

The damaged and exposed wires can also cause a day or night without any electricity. An entire network of people who know that you are the one who was keeping those bees will be so disappointed in you. Not forgetting how guilty you will be feeling already because of putting other peoples life in danger, and yours too.