Colony of bees and each type

When someone thinks of bees, the first imagination that comes to their mind is the sweet taste of a good quality honey, or the sting that they may get. Today, people have grown fond of keeping one type of bee, the honeybees who have turned out to be amazing even in surviving where people are. Not like the two can be friends of the known nature of the insects to having a defense mechanism of attacking, and stinging when they feel unsafe. Believe it or not there are some of them that are not as violent as you may have seen or heard, depending on where you are and where you saw them. Some colonies of bees are very busy, while ever minding their business to other activities, they never attack unless you go to disturb, or attack them. The rest can get at you at any place since they do not risk giving anyone a chance to come, and destroy them or their hive.

Most of the bees lie in

Most of the bees lie in either the social category, who likes to interact with even humans, who are not shy meaning most can detect when your aim is bad. The other category is the solitary bees, who are mostly shy as to like to be alone, most only pollinate plants in areas that they have sensed no person is around. These are considered the introverts of the insects that may flee when someone goes close to the area bees are in, or make noise that makes them uncomfortable. Some may as well flee when someone attacks them unlike the social bees that would most likely attack back, and cause you major damage if you are not careful. Somebody can be able to differentiate the type that you are seeing according to where the bees are seen, the physical appearance, and the features on them. This is important to everybody because they will need to know when to run to find shelter, or when to just feel free to pass them.

The colony of the bees usually

The colony of the bees usually has various types of bees in it, the colony is special and unique in a way that no bee can survive on their own. Just like in a community, each bee is supposed to perform a specific function so that the hive can survive, the surrounding environment to be conducive for every one of them. The first type is the queen bee, she is the oldest in the colony, and the longest which makes her the leader in there, usually she is almost five years old. To the insects that is a very long time, that makes her the only female mature enough to lay fertilized eggs in her kingdom. Bees mostly do not have to worry about their population since she can lay up to two thousand fertilized eggs in a day, that is enough reason for the queen to be respected. The next type are the drone bees which include only the males, which have only one work in their entire kingdom which is to eat well, then later mate with their queen.

Colony of bees and each type

In as much as it seems like the drone bees have an easy life, they do not enjoy it for long because the unfortunate happens to them soon afterwards. The drones die after mating which brings an end to them, if the season happens to change without having an encounter to mate then the drones are chased away. Still, drones end up dying as no bee has ever survived without a colony, while there is no colony without a queen to rule it. The other type are the worker bees that comprise the largest population in the hive because of their various, with several responsibility to others, even the place itself. Worker bees go out each morning to hunt for food for the entire kingdom, how pollination usually occur by the way, perform all cleaning even arranging the hive. To think those are enough will only disappoint because many are usually involved in building the hive as the rest peacefully stay inside.

All the bees someone usually see outside the hive, ever busy buzzing and doing something you may not understand are worker bees. You may wonder why the worker bees cannot be with drone bees to establish other kingdoms instead of dying, well, it is because the worker bees are not sexually developed to do so.