Monthly Archives: April 2019

2019 honey season is in the air

Both literally and figuratively.  The bee are buzzing about as I work in the garden today; they are happy for this warm, sunny day.  Glenn just checked on them, and the hives are not ready to be split yet, but the two hives that we had make it through the winter are healthy.  We did have our largest loss of hives since we began beekeeping, I believe we lost six hives.  Glenn conducted an experiment, and it did not correspond to his mite treatments.  One hive that survived had not been treated and the other hive had been treated.  However, I do believe the hive that he had not treated and survived was a hive that he split late in the season.  It would be interesting to conduct various control groups and test out theories, maybe one day when we have more time.

For now, Glenn is actually happy to be scaled back on his number of hives to manage.  He has two strong ones and plans to split those to a total of four when the time comes.  Thus, we will not have the quantity of honey we have had for the past few years, but you can still count on our bees for the quality of their honey.

I will send an email out to our local honey customers when the bees tell me its time!  In the meantime, I’ve already started a list with excited customers who want to make sure they don’t miss out.  Happy spring to you!