One of the books I am currently reading is The Pine Island Paradox by Kathleen Dean Moore.  I just read her thoughts on gratitude.  They are worth sharing.

Gratitude is a kind of seeing, an awareness of the magnitude of the gift of this earth.  To see the world gratefully is to be endlessly surprised by the bare fact of it, its beauty and power and everlastingness.  Gratitude is attentiveness.  It’s easy to move through the world and never notice how a shifting wind changes the air from salt to cedar, easy to overlook the invisible moon that moves the tides.  To be grateful is to stand with stinging  eyes and reddening nose in the northwest wind, taking it in – really this, taking it in – the expanse of dunes and dusk and each blade of beach grass drawing a circle on the sand.

5 responses to “Gratitude

  1. So very true!! Much Aloha!!🤙❤️

  2. Thank you – I needed that!

  3. suzanddon@gmail.com

    Beautiful, yes, that’s it. Very Buddha-like.

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  4. Thanks for this, it is a constantly needed reminder, even in a place this beautiful! Hated to miss yall Sat, was in an all day board meeting, ugg. Cheers, Brandee

  5. Hi Terri – that is so funny you posted it to the BB Farm’s blog – I also put the exact same quotes in TP’s newsletter for May. I have enjoyed reading this book even more the second time. I am almost finished Riverwalking as well – will pass it on if you are interested.

    Have a good one and see ya Friday.

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