A farmer’s view of rural America

Think about this with your morning coffee.

An English Sheep Farmer’s View of Rural America 

2 responses to “A farmer’s view of rural America

  1. Brandee Boggs

    That was a great article, thanks for sharing! Cheers, Brandee

  2. So true, Terry. The saddest days of my entire life have to do with farmlife—going broke when I was in high school, loss of wonderful pets, loss of land that I loved. Would I have remained there had it not been lost? Who knows? But, the thought of having it to return to still haunts me. I get goose bumps when I return to the Loess Hills of Western Iowa—they’re home.

    Bared my soul, lady! Thanks for the opportunity. Hope you’re well and enjoying all your projects. Can I plant my lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, basil sets after this weekend’s cold weather? And, Home Depot had an artichoke plant which is now mine! Can’t wait to see what happens with it!

    Send your bill for consulting fee.


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