The Epitome of Graciousness

We could all use a little more graciousness in our lives so I pay this tribute to a dear friend and a lady who epitomized graciousness, Betty Duckett.  She was one of my grandmother’s closest friends, and I grew up always being welcome in her home.  Never a negative word did I hear her utter, but a gentle and warm smile was always quick upon her face.

When I think of Betty, I think of beauty and openness.  Whether is was a cool drink in the summer on the porch swing surrounded by her flourishing roses or a hot cocoa by the fire in the winter, you were always welcome and made to feel at home.  She was a gentle and gracious soul.

My sincere wish for everyone is that you are welcome wherever you may find yourself and that you are surrounded with graciousness.  The world needs more gentle and gracious souls.


2 responses to “The Epitome of Graciousness

  1. Thanks for all your hard work and graciousness, Terri and Glenn, ro keep us supplied with good food.  I’m still enjoying fresh frozen food from my freezer.  Merry, merry Christmas!  Swndy

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  2. Lovely -thank you! Happy holidays to you and Glenn.

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