Thanks to those Supporting our Sandy Mush Community

Big Sandy Mush Community Center

Big Sandy Mush Community Center

Many in our community and the surrounding areas enjoyed a great family friendly evening last night at our Sandy Mush Community Center.  This historic school building has been a central gathering place for our community throughout the years, and we are working hard to get that community spirit reenergized.  Last night was a great start!  We had a wonderful band and caller for our contra and square dance, and it was a fun and welcoming group of people.

I want to send out a personal thanks of appreciation:

We would like to send out a thanks to all our wonderful sponsors of our Sandy Mush Thanksgiving Dance.   We had well over 150 people join us for this fun community dance.  We appreciate everyone who joined us, volunteered, baked cakes and goodies, and sponsored our efforts, as well as the community families who are making an annual commitment to support our community center.   A Big Sandy Mush Thanks to these sponsors:

 Southern States

Red Oak Recovery

Leicester Supply

NC Senator Terry Van Duyn

NC Rep. Brian Turner

Peggy Baldwin & John Loyd

I didn’t get a chance to get photos, but I am hoping to share some when someone who did get photos sends me some.  Hope you can join us next time.

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