Monthly Archives: July 2015

July 5th Hike on Reemes Homeplace Farm

I have been a life long admirer of the Reemes brother’s work ethic and craftsmanship.  They built solid, beautiful fences, they carved the chestnut mantel piece that hung above the fireplace in my childhood home, and they still grow and tend one of the best gardens in Sandy Mush.

I appreciate their care for their homeplace.  You can tell it is well-loved and well-managed.  It was a privilege today to enjoy the lovely hike and picnic on their place.  We look forward to returning soon to hike on more of the property, with James joining us to lead the way and share his stories.

As always, a pleasure to enjoy the good company of our fellow Sandy Mush hikers and learn more about this beautiful and special place we live.  I am thankful!  Enjoy a glimpse of our hike, but photos never do it justice.

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