Veggies and pesticides: know what you eat!

You will be very happy you and your family are eating Bee Branch Farm veggies, especially green beans, after learning more about the potential effects of pesticides on your health.

Recently, Consumer Reports released their Pesticides in Produce Report.  I am hopeful that with this respected mainstream publication sharing their well-researched findings that more people will educate themselves on what they are consuming and how it affects their health, as well as how the specific farming practices being utilized affect the health of the farm workers, community and environment.

Director of Consumer Safety and Sustainability, Dr. Urvashi Rangan, discusses an overview of this report in this interview on WNYC.  It is worth a listen, but for the detailed information, I suggest reading the report and downloading the free full scientific report with risk guide.

We all have to weigh our options and make choices based upon our values and means.  I believe the first step in being able to make the best choice possible is by educating ourselves.   First, the report reinforces the health benefits of eating your veggies, even if you can’t choose the lower pesticide risk organics.  However, given the choice, vegetables grown using organic methods without synthetic pesticides reduce your risk of exposure to harmful pesticides.  This is especially pertinent if you are pregnant or have children; the young are more susceptible in their development.  If you need to weigh and choose which veggies you can select organic vs. conventional, then the report provides a risk guide to help you assess where best to invest your organic dollars.   You will see that they recommend always buying organically grown green beans and peppers because of the high risk rating.  You can enjoy all the Bee Branch Farm peppers and green beans you want with a smile on your face!

Definitely, eat your veggies and fruit.  Know your farmers and their farming practices.  Educate yourself.  Make the best informed decisions you can for your family, your community and the sustainability of farming and the environment.

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