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Snow Day In Big Sandy Mush

Stunning Hike in Garrett Cove

We have started our Sandy Mush Hiking Club, a group of us who can’t imagine a better way to enjoy a day than hiking in Sandy Mush and enjoying the wonderful company, conversation and beautiful mountains.  We were fortunate to have our local historian, Vance Garrett, lead our hike through the Garrett Cove into the high mountain pasture overlooking Crabtree in Haywood County, circling around Sharp Top through the Flatwoods and then back down into Garrett Cove.   We enjoyed the 4 and 1/2 hour hike with over 1000 elevation gain with a surprise visit to a cave,  a botany lesson in the garlic mustard invasive and a conservation talk with Sarah of Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy.  SAHC holds conservations easements on three of the properties in Garrett Cove.  I am thankful for the people with the foresight to conserve this land for now and for many future generations, and I am thankful for the history that Vance so graciously shared with us.

Enjoy the photos!

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