We hit water!

Okay it might not be as exciting as hitting oil to some, but I was very excited when we hit water at 180 ft with 8 GPM on our new farm well.  We chose to go a little farther for a better reservoir of water, and the water was beautiful and clear.

This means we can get the cattle fenced out of the creeks and streams, which is healthier for our watershed and for the cows; and as a bonus, we will have irrigation for our veggies this summer; no more dragging hoses all over the garden.  I love making progress on the sustainability of Bee Branch Farm.

4 responses to “We hit water!

  1. Madison MacLaren

    Wonderful Terry, aren’t we blessed to have such delicious good water?!

  2. Kudos to you!

  3. Fantastic! My well was 500 feet deep. Of course it is at a higher elevation. But the peace of mind is worth millions. Carol Namkoong

  4. Congratulations! Water is so taken for granted, little do we think about just how precious it is. Good work. Sandy

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