A Winter Composition of the Farm

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I have always loved the pauses in between.

2 responses to “A Winter Composition of the Farm

  1. Oh Terri! These pictures are postcard worthy! Love the Family pic! Your Sammy is beautiful! Has Tilly adapted well to the new addition? I don’t know which pic I like the best—they are all so lovely and peaceful. Yesterday morning when I came downstairs and was sitting at the breakfast table enjoying my hot cup of coffee and eating my hot breakfast and looking out the window in front of me, I was overwhelmed at the beauty of the ice and snow! I was so aware of my warm house, warm clothes, and hot meal and that I could see the beauty of that beautiful winter morning, that I just cried, wondering why I have been so blessed with these luxuries I so often take for granted! I felt that God had given me a special birthday card (yesterday was my birthday :o)). I was also so aware of the fact that such beauty can also be very hard! No power for many (we were out for a while), cold, stranded, etc. Fortunately most of it melted by the afternoon, and people got their power back on. Life went on as usual, but I was left with a sense of awe!Your beautiful pictures are a lovely reminder of all this I’ve spoken of. Thank you, Terri, for sharing these lovely, tranquil pictures. God’s creation is soooo amazing AND powerful! BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope you and Glen have a lovely Valentine’s Day and weekend!
    Love Ya !
    Deborah :o)

  2. The third picture is my favorite, the Siamese with the blue eyes.
    I have a slew from Tues, Wed., Thurs. I’ll send some to you.

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