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A Handcrafted Christmas on the Farm

Community, crafts and giving are what inspired our first annual A Handcrafted Christmas in Sandy Mush.  Our friends, Jeff and Dianne Frisbee are hosting this holiday craft bazaar at their farm, Addison Farms Vineyard.  Jeff grew up on this family farm that has been farmed by several generations of his family.  As many families did in our community, Jeff’s grew tobacco and raised beef cattle and always had a large family vegetable garden.  Jeff and Dianne live in one of the family farm houses, and they have built a beautiful new tasting room which is where the artisans will be showcasing a quality selection of handcrafted gifts.

Jeff and Dianne are grateful to be home after living in the Atlanta area for many years.  They are investing in our community by starting their new business, Addison Farms Vineyard, which is a long-term commitment.  That takes vision and hard work.  I especially appreciate that part of their vision, written into their business plan, is to give back to their community quarterly.  That is an additional investment in our community.  In order to raise funds for Eliada Homes this quarter, they are hosting a $10 charitable gift wine tasting, and they will be matching donations up to $500.  I believe in supporting businesses who value giving back, not just taking; especially when they make a commitment to do it even in the early and tougher years, not just one day when it will be easier.

When I approached Dianne about hosting a holiday craft bazaar for our community, she was excited and willing to jump in even though we only had a little over a month to pull it together.  I love it when people are willing to say “yes, let’s make it happen.”   She gets the import of providing venues for our craftspeople to come together and share their quality work.  This is community building.  This is also an excellent opportunity for others to enjoy their beautiful work and invest in handcrafted, quality gifts that have lasting value because you are also investing in the person, their story, their family and their community.  I hope you take the opportunity to join us as we make this a community tradition.

A Handcrafted Christmas - Saturday, December 7, 12-5

A Handcrafted Christmas – Saturday, December 7, 12-5pm

Doris Gibson:  Gibson Confections –   Chocolates, Gift Baskets

Sacha and Roberta:  3 Graces Dairy –   Cheese

Robin Reeves – Reeves Homeplace Farm –   Jams and Jelly

Kevin Duckett –   Leatherwork, journal covers, cigar boxes… more!

Doc Welty: Leicester Valley Clay –   Pottery

Olga Dorenko –    Fine Art Paintings, Scarves, Prints

Gary Verni-Lau –   Fine Art Paintings

Sally and Stan Justice –   Cutting boards, rolling pins, walking sticks, looms, weaving, soap

Linda Guertler –   Beeswax and soy wax candles with essential oils

Keeley  Turner –  Paintings and t-shirts