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Our Christmas Tree Farm Tradition

After thoroughly stuffing ourselves on Thanksgiving, we enjoy visiting Sandy Hollar Farm, which is close by in Sandy Mush.  The fresh air and walk around the farm as we search for our perfect tree is refreshing, and it allows us to enjoy the dessert awaiting us when we get home even more.  Sandy Hollar Farm is a wonderful family tradition.They have been growing Christmas trees for many years, and families have enjoyed the tradition of trekking out to Sandy Mush to search for their perfect tree, riding the wagon to visit the farm animals, sipping on cider and adding a homemade ornament to their collection.

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With Gratitude from the Farm

Several friends asked about lessons learned and what I would change from my experience this year. Oh, I had much thoughtful rumination on that topic; I was just about to write a long essay of astounding insight.  But alas, friends and adventure called, and I said yes.  I highly recommend saying yes!

Now home, I am grateful to be with my family and to get back into the rhythm of the farm. I love the tending, the nurturing, the creating.  I love starting each day with curiosity and potential and ending it with a sense of accomplishment.   I love observing the animals both domestic and wild, and though I likely give them attributes they probably don’t possess, they are part of our community nonetheless.  I love the balance of the physical and the mental.  I love sharing the food we have grown with our farm families, and I love preparing and eating the food we have grown.  That feels healthy, and it makes me happy.

Some other time I’ll tell you what excites me about the science of farming, and how I get a kick out of utilizing long rusty math skills to assess farm inputs, and about the challenges to reconcile potential and realistic expectations, but for now it is enough to know that I love farming and I am grateful for this life.

May you all feel blessed in each of your chosen paths.

With Gratitude,