Farm fresh veggie starts

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I’m pleased with seed germination from our own mix using Eliot Coleman’s recipe and soil block makers. Onions, cabbage and parsley off to a good start, and broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi and thyme has germinated within 4 days this week. Apparently our plants enjoy the soothing tones of Enya’s Memory of the Trees; I thought they might appreciate this addition to their growing environment. You can tell from the photos that we don’t have a greenhouse, but have created a makeshift “greenhouse” in our garage. I monitor temperature, moisture, circulation and provide pleasing vibrations with music for their and my enjoyment; on the weekends we mix it up and jam with Glenn’s Sirius radio. I love growing healthy plants!

Elsewhere on the farm, the hens are healthy and happy. Glenn is broad forking the root vegetable garden; a great workout, no gym, no fees required. Sadly, our hives are silent; we are, however, excited about the “mountain mutts” we are getting from Jon Christie of Madison County. And, I am thrilled for the snow to be kissing my face as I walk about the farm with Tillie.

4 responses to “Farm fresh veggie starts

  1. Hi Terri, Loved your pics, especially the one of you! You never change! Your seedlings look great…ah–spring! :o) Danny’s wife, Arlene, uses her bay window as a make-shift greenhouse. :o) It always works—she has a big garden but not quite the spread you’ll have!! :o) Can’t wait to see the farm in full summer swing! I’m so excited for you and Glenn—I only wish I had even a few ounces of your drive and energy! I’m sure your plants will enjoy the graduation from the unfolding to the music of the garage to dancing to the enchanting music of nature as the breeze teaches them to sway in the sun. Hope you’re having a lovely day, Terri, Glenn, and Tillie. :o) Love your blog!
    Love Ya, Deborah :o)

  2. I enjoyed the slide show. I’m just now planting seeds in soil blocks and our hens have started laying, so life is good. Your farm looks like a beautiful place.

  3. You are definitely in your element! Could you be any happier?

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