I love farmers!

As a whole, farmers are generous souls who are willing to share their knowledge, their time and their stories.  I had fun visiting a couple of local farms this past week.  I finally dropped by to meet Janet Peterson on her lovely Cloud 9 Farm in Fairview.  Janet and her partner, Jeff, are building on what her father started several years ago as a timber and blueberry farm.; they have now diversified into beef, chickens, honeybees, blueberries and a sawmill operation.  They also have two lovely accommodations for those wanting a Blue Ridge vacation; they have a charming cabin and a ranch home with a spectacular view.  If you have visitors coming to Asheville, I recommend a Cloud 9 Farm stay; it even includes fresh eggs delivered to your door.  An additional important aspect of the farm to me is that they are working with Buncombe County Soil and Water on a Conservation Easement. 

I also dropped by Ostara Farm in Sandy Mush to talk garlic and mulching with Tara, and came home with yummy homemade cottage cheese for my mom that brought back childhood memories of Big Nanny, what I called her grandmother, who lived on Curtis Creek in Candler; she was a very self-sufficient woman with a green thumb and a big heart.  I love to hear stories of Big Nanny and her strawberries and her milk cow and her quilting and her strong independence.

Since I love farmers and love their stories, I am going to add a new aspect to my blog.  I am going to share stories of farmers in Sandy Mush, and since Sandy Mush is full of interesting people and stories, I will probably include stories of crafts people and others as well.  I’ll try to share a story once a month, and you will find all of them archived under the Sandy Mush Farm Stories category.  I hope you will get the opportunity to know these people and to support their passion and hard work.

Since I just visited Tara and Sean of Ostara Farm, I will get started with them.  Stay tuned…

6 responses to “I love farmers!

  1. I love this idea, and your writing! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hey Terrie, Loved reading this post! This also brought back wonderful memories of your Nanny and your Mom! I loved your Nanny and loved hanging out with your Mom! Somehow we are kindred spirits as we both lived with our beloved grandmothers in old two-story houses on Curtis Creek Rd., both had big families and we were (are) the same age. :o) Lots of wonderful memories!!! Love your Mom—Love you—Love your family! So glad you are blogging! Amie is also enjoying it! Can’t wait to see ya’ll again! Amie said she would love to come out to the farm and see what you’re up to and recall her own wonderful childhood memories of visiting with ya’ll. Have loved visiting with you and Glen when I’m at your Mom’s. Looking forward to seeing all that you and Glen do on the farm! Love also, that you are featuring local farmers on your blog. I’ve always wanted to live on a farm!

    Love Ya!
    Deborah :o)

  3. AN AWESOME IDEA!! I agree with Gary.

  4. What a great idea! Everybody who lives the rural lifestyle loves to hear about how others are diversifying or expanding their operations in a bad economy. I look forward to your farm stories.

  5. Sounds like a book in the making, “A Compilation of Farm Stories of a Simpler Place and Time”!! Good luck with it, Gary

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