Topsy Turvy Chickens

After a night of gusting winds in December, we awoke to find our chicken coop upside down and our chickens discombobulated, but, thankfully, alive and squawking. They certainly gave us an ear full when we arrived on the scene; it seems they have some grievances with our top heavy portable chicken tractor. Glenn made a few adjustments that seem to be riding out the fierce winds that we have been experiencing. However, the chickens were not so confident at first. Though we had righted and secured their home, they were not overjoyed to return to their roost that evening. They reminded me of young children daring each other to the be first to jump from the diving board as first one chicken then the other would jump on her platform to ascend to her home roost and then change her mind and jump down and go to the back of the line. After several minutes, courage or sleepiness prevailed and they each ascended to have sweet and calm dreams.

All has been well, and our plump, shiny chickens are strutting, scratching and laying eggs.

5 responses to “Topsy Turvy Chickens

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  3. LaVonda de Jongh

    I love your chickens. Post pics when you can!

  4. I got my chickens last fall and only one was laying at the time, but she soon stopped. I am thinking about adding light to the coop in the early morning to “extend” daylight hours. I really miss getting fresh, free range eggs!

    • Hi Jo Ann,

      Our coop has windows and the chickens spend most of the day outside scratching around so it seems that the natural light has been enough for them to slowly start laying more again. We only have 5 chickens and we were averaging an egg per day for December and January. Yesterday I had 3 eggs so I think we have started on the upswing again. I am guessing that their bodies need a little rest after all that work, but I agree that it is nice to have fresh eggs from happy hens.

      Best, Terri

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