Enriching the soil

We are working on improving soil, and we appreciate our neighbors for their generous contributions toward our goal.  Our neighboring dairy farmer provided some wonderful cow manure to help improve the corral area which will eventually be a mixed-use garden area.  We have sub-soiled this area, incorporated green manure (winter rye), poured on the brown manure (thanks Aubrey and Rita), and are hoping to have a nitrogen enriching crop of clover to continue to build the soil structure.  We will continue to work on this area over the next year.  We are going to do another soil test and check drainage to see what other preparations are needed.

Additionally, we were very excited this weekend to get a rich load of composted llama and mule manure full of earthworms.  (Thanks Jean and Bruce.)  We incorporated it into our garden, with the very eager help of our hens who I eventually had to shoo away to save the earthworms so that they could do what they do best.

As my cousin has discovered, Glenn and I are willing to muck the horse stalls in order to reap the benefits of enriching our soil…a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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