The importance of soil

I believe the importance of the health of our soil must not be overlooked for the long-term sustainability of our farms our food and our health.  If you are truly concerned about our future generations, then please start educating yourself about farming practices and farm policy and support those who are working to build healthy farms.  Here is another interesting article from Tom Philpott; this one focuses on the connection between soil and climate change.

Wendell Berry has highly recommended The Soil and Health by Sir Albert Howard.  I have it on my order list and will start reading it soon.  I believe education is three-fold:  learning from others who know the land and have worked it, researching and reading what others have learned in the field, and your own daily experience of trial and error.  There is never a dull day!

3 responses to “The importance of soil

  1. I like the “image” of soil as sponging up the carbon! Interesting article!
    Would enjoy hearing of W Berry’s comments later in that book, Terri!

  2. The recent report comparing non-organic food and organic foods found the health of people eating either the same. What the study did not look at was the health of the soil and the environment!

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