Nanny’s Biscuits with Honey


I loved my grandmother’s (Nanny) biscuits.  To me, none have ever compared.  Nanny didn’t use a recipe of course, but perfected them from years of practice.  She made biscuits so often that she actually kept flour in her large biscuit bowl and only had to add other ingredients to the center flour well.  She made them with her hands and never a rolling pin.  As a child, I loved sitting on the counter and watching and helping, one of my favorite childhood memories.

[The following recipe will get you started making Nanny’s biscuits.  Practice will improve your biscuits over time.  ]

Nanny’s Biscuit Recipe

Nanny always used White Lily Self-Rising Flour.  It makes a difference.

1.)    Purchase White Lily Self-Rising Flour and use the recipe on the bag.  Nanny didn’t use a recipe and made them most everyday of her adult life so she had refined her biscuit making, but I am a novice so the recipe is a good place to start.  Make sure you sift the flour.

2.)    I used Smart Balance Vegetable Shortening

3.)    Nanny didn’t roll out her biscuits, but instead pulled off a small amount of dough and lightly rolled it into a ball in her hands and then placed in the pan and lightly pressed the biscuit with a couple of fingers to flatten.  (Make sure you flour your hands before rolling and pressing and lightly flour the dough)

4.)    I baked on 500 convection bake 6-8 minutes.

5.)    Slice, butter and pour on the honey!


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